It’s nearly over

It’s David Cameron’s final day as Prime Minister and while the tributes pour in I’m left wondering why exactly is he leaving Number 10?

The Prime Minister announced he would step down after losing the controversial referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. When he stated the country “needed new leadership” we all assumed Boris Johnson would take charge. Or at least a Brexiter.

Cameron’s departure announcement on Friday 24th June dealt a crushing blow to Mr Johnson and Mr Gove. It’s no secret that they hoped the PM would trigger Article 50, take the bullet and then step aside to let the new leader recover the situation.


Now, less than a month on, the political careers of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove sit in limbo. We are yet to see if Mr Cameron has destroyed their political careers in return for the loss of the referendum but the in the case of former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, (recently on the ballot to become Conservative Party leader) he is proof that when you begin to slide it’s hard to recover.

Theresa May will become Prime Minister tomorrow. She will become the country’s second female PM and faces a raft of pressing issues in the near future. Personally a snap General Election seems unlikely and probably unwise given the turmoil that we are yet to endure.


She commanded the majority of support within the parliamentary party however she was not a Brexiter. Despite stating that Brit exit is Brit exit it is unclear what kind of separation Mrs May has in mind.

The petition calling for a second referendum has received enough signatures to merit a debate in parliament. Were this to throw up more surprises, Theresa May could face a monumental headache on arrival at Number 10.


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