Tourist or Inhabitant? You can’t be both.

Having recently moved from my hometown in Fife to Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, I have realised that “the city” (as a concept) becomes very different from the tourist day trip city.

Edinburgh is a city I know well. I thought I knew it better. And that is one of the benefits of living here. I guarantee I’ll be more clues up than a Lonely Planet guide by next summer.
I am gutted that the festival season is over. Edinburgh comes alive in August. There is no better time to have a birthday in the city than in August. The streets come alive.

I stayed in Glasgow for three years as a student. I remember when I first arrived in Glasgow – my mind full of soon to be disproved misconceptions. Glasgow is still my favourite city in all the world. And I’ve been to some great cities. 
 It has so much energy and invites you to look past it’s lack of glamour at it’s inviting culture. If Edinburgh is the international tourist Scotland then Glasgow is real Scotland. It’s a city on the rise after decades of accepting the status quo. The Commonwealth Games was a sensational spectacle. One all of Scotland can be proud of. And that includes the cheesey ceremonies! 

Edinburgh is beautiful and historic. You walk amongst stories of past, present and future on a daily basis. But there’s no time as an inhabitant of Edinburgh, working full time and meeting parent obligations on weekends to explore the place from top to bottom. As a blogger, writer and travel enthusiast Edinburgh is a dream. It invites you to feel inspired and take the trip of a lifetime into its many venues of worldwide recognition.
 After three months living in Edinburgh I haven’t managed to get to the Castle or Arthur’s Seat. Before moving here I thought I would retrace childhood trips which long since have faded from memory. But I quite simply don’t have the time. I do what every other inhabitant of Edinburgh does – go about everyday working life adding more places to my list of places to visit without ticking any of them off. You just cannot be a tourist in your own city.


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