Inside Out

It will come as no surprise that Disney Pixar’s latest film Inside Out is the hit of the summer. In fact it may just become the film of the year. A few critics have quietly identified it as a potential Oscar Best Picture Winner.

As always Pixar tee us up for the main event with a short film. ‘Lava’ is a terrifically moving music short film to lead into Inside Out. 
 Inside out animates the emotions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust within Riley as she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco.
Pixar have produced an intelligent and mesmerising picture. It displays the changes that teenagers will go through as life changes. Suddenly all those happy memories of early childhood become nostalgia. Personality islands which were formed from birth have to be rebuilt as life develops. If you think this is all too much for a kid to watch – you’re wrong. It’s animation, comedy and tenacity will engage audiences now and in the future. This film takes animated pictures to a new level. 
 If you want to know how that song that keeps popping in to your head does so then watch it. If you wonder what your invisible friend from childhood does when you no longer need him then go a watch it. If you want to know where all your fears are kept go along. Inside Out is truly magnificent.  
Inside Out confirms what we have all known for some time that there is no such thing as a children’s animated film with Pixar. It is a family film. The laughs and cries are endured by all. I mean that quite literally! 
 This is a fabulous film and well deserving of the plaudits it has received.


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