‘Born To Run’ Turns 40

Bruce Springsteen’s third album ‘Born To Run’ celebrates its 40th year since release. Not only did it reshape rock music in 1975 but still continues to influence rock music today. The title track accelerated Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band into worldwide stardom. The rocky ballad defines how the American Dream had failed the working class. The theme of escapism dominates the hit single ‘Born To Run’, ‘Thunder Road’ and ’10th Avenue Freeze-Out’. 
 It is the album in which The Boss became the rich man living in a poor man’s shirt. Rated a one of the greatest albums of all time it sold 6 million copies by 2000. On a Virgin Atlantic flight back from Barbados I listened to the entire album twice and it reaffirmed that ‘Born To Run’ is a timeless album which still resonates today. 


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