The controversy over the “dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extra marital affairs” website Ashley Madison rumbles on.   
Today news outlets reported two suicides following a week of intense debate between the website and the hackers who published the personal details of the site’s 33 million users. Canadian Police are currently investigating the “very sophisticated” breach. However Ashley Madison’s parent company have gone one step further – issuing a £500,000 reward for anyone identifying the hackers.
So which side do you stand? 
 With the hackers – The legality of adultery across the world has changed in recent history creating a ‘casual relationship’ culture. In the UK adultery is not illegal but it is a ground for divorce. This is also the case in France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. However in Australia adultery is no longer considered a ground for divorce. But in the United States, 21 states still criminalise adultery which is perhaps why Ashley Madison has created such a storm in North America in recent weeks. Marriage might not be as dominant a concept in the 21st century however its symbolism still stands as the pinnacle of any relationship. Christianity, Islam and Judaism all classify adultery as illegal and immoral.
 Alongside the Ashley Madison account holders – If people are exposed for their personal relationship activities then surely hackers must also be exposed for illegally breaking data protection laws.  The internet is becoming a much more dangerous place and yet we do not feel it. We hear how terrorist organisations use the internet and social media to target extremists. With each technological advancement that develops we find new ways to corrupt that system. Hackers are use very sophisticated devices to access personal accounts of anyone using websites. The Ashley Madison hack is the biggest internet leak since Wikileaks. And this hack is a further threat on people’s personal life decisions.



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