Sport is about the competition – Formula 1

The new Formula 1 season has begun. Not much may have changed at the top: Mercedes look as strong as ever with yet another 1-2 finish. 

That aside much has changed. The driver line up shows a host of new talent balanced with a mix of experienced drivers.

My concern is for the fans. The engine sound was last year’s burning topic. Only 11 cars completed the opening race in Australia. It’s already bad enough with teams missing races at the end of last season and Manor at the beginning of this. The pre-season and in-season testing cutbacks have created even greater differences between teams. Competition is what is the sport needs more than ever. It is time teams are given more practice opportunities especially when significant rule changes are put in place. Teams need time to allow them to develop a competitive car. Far to often teams start looking ahead to the next season before we’ve hit the European leg of the current season. Writing off seasons because of the lack of competitiveness is not good for the fans or the sport. Already McLaren look to be building for next season one race in. Ferrari have been doing similar for four years and finally look to mount a challenge on Mercedes after last year’s one way traffic. And Red Bull are threatening to quit F1 altogether.

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