Please! No more!

Get bare chested men off my Hollister shopping bag.


As The Sun Newspaper removes bare breasted women from page 3 I’m stepping up my campaign to get rid of the handsome young man with a six pack on Hollister shopping bags.

After I make a purchase I’m confronted with a bag that makes me feel dreadfully inadequate physically. I don’t particularly want a six pack but the advertising is intimidating. Women don’t understand how men feel having to carry around a bag decorated with such beauty and perfection. His good-looks are what’s weighing down our carrying arm. It’s not the shopping trip that’s making us grumpy. Not even the lack of football. It’s him! The stunner with the six pack on show – and we’re carrying him round like a son.

What exactly is Hollister’s marketing statement? If you look like this you won’t have to buy our clothes. I suppose I wouldn’t buy much clothes if I had a body like that. I’d almost certainly take the modelling contract that comes with being so strikingly gorgeous. Snap out of this fantasy.

I just wouldn’t want to be stigmatised by the stereotypes that would emerge. So I remain an average Joe so I can be reminded of how much cheaper life would be if I was as good looking as the guy on the Hollister bag.

Please Hollister – remove the handsome stranger from your shopping bags. It’s too much punishment for someone who thinks the naked body should be for private viewing only.


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