From top of the news feed to totally forgotten

When does news go out of date? It doesn’t is the simple answer but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. We all have access to 24 hour news feeds through television, internet, radio and social networking however this does not mean we have all the news we want at our fingertips.

You’ll be aware of the conflict in Gaza, the finding of the crashed Air Algerie plane, the MH17 tragedy and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. These stories are news worthy and have elements of continual development. But what about some other recent stories that have disappeared off the news agenda.

The missing Malaysian Airline flight which has never been found shows no sign of progress. Where are we with that? Does it no longer matter? The Costa Concordia has not long been towed away after two years submerged. Will we have to wait as long to get any information on MH370? And the civil war in Syria has raged on for over four years with a recorded 160,000 deaths. Does this no longer matter? Is this a story we should no longer hold interest in? It won’t disappear simply because we don’t hear about it. Crises in Ukraine, Egypt and Iraq continue daily without any sign of resolution. It isn’t the media’s job to do something about it. It’s their job to inform. World events are particularly messy right now. Perhaps the media don’t have the ability to beam all the events of the world into our living room television or mobile phones.


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